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Folios i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x


The Folios discovered in the Charenton environs represent a voluminous body of historical materials documenting the experimental research of the eighteenth and nineteenth century laboratories of empirical science. This frenetic and industrious period of relentless experimentation brought about the invention of photography and other optical technologies quickly employed as objective observational tools for the rational exploration of natural science. The Lagado folios contain 247 photographs along with accompanying research notes , summaries and reports.

There is less agreement on the specifics of what the Lagado Folios contain. According to many scholars, the chief research categories represented among them are:

Anatomical Studies (tenth folio)
Anthropometrics & Biological Anthropology (fourth folio)
Cybernetic Systems & Biotechnology (eighth folio)
Cosmogony & Phrenology (third folio)
Histology & Chemical Surgery (sixth folio)
Human Flight (fifth folio)
Cognitive Neuroscience (second folio)
Physiognomy Studies (first folio)
Psycho morphology (seventh folio)

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