The Grand Academy of Lagado

Projectors of Tomographical Physiognomy


Experimental Investigation of Micro- and Macromixing with the Tomographical Absorption Spectroscope

The newly developed tomographical absorption spectroscopy is used to measure the micro- and macrotransport during the mixing of viscous liquids. Like turbulent mixing this laminar mixing can be divided into micro- and macromixing. The macromixing occurs due to the convective transport of large fluid elements. During their transport through the vessel these elements are stretched and folded, so that their length scale of segregation decreases. The micromixing in the molecular scale occurs due to diffusion and decreases the intensity of segregation. Micromixing is necessary in order to enable chemical reactions and fast micromixing, which is of interest in many chemical engineering applications.

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Notes on the field of view plots

  • Note the different scale in north - south direction between the different images.
  • Note the different field of views station #5 & #6 ~ 90 degr f.o.v. and station #1 - #4 ~ 75 degr f.o.v. This is related to the Japaneese joint campaigns whith the japaneesecameras beeing equipped with optics with larger field of view.
  • Note the different steering of the cameras #4 - #6 - Azimut and elevation and station #1 - #3 gaussian

Link to Tomographical Scans of the Holy Shroud